Dolphy Cares


KL Hazel Dolphy has been in social service since 1999. She first started as a Case Manager in the foster care system then she later became a Child Protective Specialist and moved on to working for a shelter as a Case Manager. Ms. Dolphy has worked in New York, California, and Florida helping those in need.

With a degree in Forensic Psychology and a Master’s in Business, Ms. Dolphy is dedicated to not only using her academic knowledge but also her years of experience in social service to aid those who are going through a transition in their lives.

Over the years, Ms. Dolphy has seen a plethora of homeless individuals on the streets of Florida which was always a major concern to her. In 2022, Ms. Dolphy decided to be the change that she wanted to see and founded Dolphy Cares Supportive Housing (DCSH), a residential independent shared living space, that assists those who need safe and secure housing at a fraction of traditional rent.

With Ms. Dolphy’s years of advocacy, compassion, and experience, her sole purpose with Dolphy Cares Supportive Housing is to be the bridge between the housing crisis and those in need of affordable rent with a clean and comfortable family environment.

Dolphy Cares Supportive Housing (DCSH), is now servicing the displaced in Central Florida. If you’re looking for a devoted CEO who cares about people and her company, you will feel right at home.

  Welcome to Dolphy Cares Supportive Housing